This Local Online Marketing Consultant

Can Reduce Your Advertising Expenses

While Dramatically Increasing Your Profits

I would like to share with you a little mistake

your business is making that is costing you

easily a hundred  more clients that you

can have every week if you just did

one thing different.

Local Online Marketing

When the Internet first became available to the public, it was only possible to use it to find information about large national companies. As it has grown, however, many users have realized that it is also the best way to get information about goods and services that are available locally. A large and increasing portion of the search traffic is now being generated by users who are looking for local results and Local Online Marketing is necessary in order to take advantage of this trend.


If you capture just a small fraction of the revenue that is being generated by local internet searchers every day, it will result in a major increase to your company’s bottom-line profits. The money is being spent… it’s just a question of whether or not your company is positioned to acquire it. If YOU don’t capture those sales, your competitors will.

Having said that, a local business success will greatly depend on how much of a presence it has on the internet obviously the sites listed on Google’s first page are the ones benefiting from this since they are more likely to be noticed by the potential customers.

What if your business was the one shown on Google’s top page for a phrase of your choice when someone in your area performs the search?  Imagine how fast your client-base would grow day after day without additional efforts from your parts.

To do so, you need to work with a professional who understands the complexities of local online marketing. That’s where I come in. In order for your business to rank high on Google, the website has to be search engine optimized. As a local online marketing consultant, it is my duty to help you accomplish just that. With my background in this area, I understand the ins and outs of Google, how to make the search engine give you your desired results and I won’t stop working with you until your site is listed on Google’s top page for your targeted keyword.

Local Online Marketing

If your local business isn’t using internet-based marketing yet, you should start immediately… it’s more affordable than you may think.  If your company is currently employing internet-based marketing techniques, congratulations on your foresight… however, there may still be some small tweaks that can be made to further increase your profits and/or reduce your expenses.

How Online Videos Can Help Your Local Business Grow

YouTube is not only the second largest search engine in the world, but it also has over a billion unique, worldwide viewers each month. As a UK business owner, you probably already realise how important it is to build your online presence; with masses of people flocking to YouTube each day, it provides the perfect platform to do so.
Here’s why:

* YouTube is one of the highest-ranking sites on the Internet. Along with over a billion unique views per month, billions of videos are also watched each and every day.

* YouTube Mobile gets at least 400 million views per day, and these numbers are expected to grow as more people start using smartphones and mobile tablets.

Online videos are no longer an option when it comes to marketing your business – it’s a necessity.

I’ve been involved in internet-based marketing since 2006, and am considered by many to be an expert in the industry.

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