Why London Businesses Should Embrace Mobile Marketing Websites


If you’re still not sure if mobile marketing websites is right for your London business, take a look at these results from several recent studies on small business mobile marketing to see why if you don’t already have a mobile marketing strategy in play, you’re significantly behind the times. Consider these findings and comments from top marketing surveys and sources:

  • Out of 700,000 small-medium sized business websites 60% do not have even the basic information consumers using mobile web devices need to find their business.
  • Over 93% of small-medium sized business websites do not properly render (appear) on mobile devices – including iPhones, Android phones or tablets.
  • Of the small businesses surveyed that implemented mobile marketing, 84% reported an increase due to the initiative.
  • 64% of small businesses plan on increasing their mobile marketing budget – this means your competition may be more effectively using mobile marketing than you are.
  • While 60% of small businesses report they have a standard website, only 26% of these offer a mobile-friendly version and only 14% had a free-standing mobile website.
  • Only 39% of small businesses have a mobile search strategy focused on getting  them easily found on the mobile web.

David Brown, CEO of one of the firms that accumulated this data, Web.com, recently said, “With more and more consumers specifically searching for local businesses on their mobile devices, it is imperative that small businesses invest in a mobile presence.”  He added, “Having a mobile presence can be a huge competitive advantage for small businesses trying to attract local customers by instantly introducing a potential customer to their business’ products and services in a mobile-enhanced way.”

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Here are some more statistics showing why now, more than ever, your small business needs a mobile web presence and strategy:

  • For small businesses who engage or plan to engage in mobile marketing, 34% say they do it to gain competitive advantage.
  • For those small businesses already engaged in mobile marketing, only 1/3 of them plan to devote the same amount of funds and effort to it – the rest plan an increase. None plan to cut their programs.
  • The longer your website takes to load, the more people you lose. If it takes more than 2 seconds for your site to load, you’ll lose 40% of mobile users.
  • Almost 50% of consumers expect mobile websites to load within 2 seconds and 79% say a bad mobile web experience will keep them away from your site in the future.
  • Over half of mobile web users have encountered sites that froze, crashed or returned an error on their mobile device.
  • Nearly 75% of mobile web users have tried websites that were too slow to load on their mobile web devices.
  • 23% of consumers say they are less likely to transact business with a company that gave them a bad mobile web experience.
  • Another 40% of consumers say that a bad mobile web experience would send them to a competitor who offered the same or similar products or services.

These study results should convince you that if you don’t already have a mobile web presence and mobile marketing strategy, you urgently need one. For many consumers, your mobile web presence is the basis of their perception about your company. If you don’t have a mobile web presence, it tells customers you don’t care about their preferences. In contrast, businesses with mobile marketing websites that engages the customer and enhances their experience will encourage both new and repeat business.


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The Importance of Local Search Marketing


Small and medium business are typically found in local areas as opposed to large corporations that are chains found all over the country or even the world. This means promotions and marketing should be local to the area in which the business is located. For example, if you own a salon in Hendon, London you would not want to advertise to an audience hundreds or thousands of miles away knowing that those consumers would not be regular business. You want to target consumers that want to use your services in your local area in order to get the most repeat business. Local Search Marketing services are the best way to accomplish this.

With the new advancements and changes that have been made as of late to search engine placement and rankings, you are likely to need the help of our specialists in the field of Local Searh Marketing. There are many advantages to using services of professional experts in this field.

Targeted Placement – Proper local placement of your web presence is vital to getting targeted visitors to your website. This aids in getting more consistent new consumers to your business.

Top Local Search Engine Rankings – Specialists can aid in getting you in the top ranking pages in search engines  like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Organic Search Options – Organic searches are popular today because they are the most relevant results desire by today’s Internet searcher. These searches include results rankings as well as Google place map listings and pay per click advertising solutions.

Cost-Effective Solutions – It is well worth the cost of using an expert in Local Search Marketing to get the results you need for your local business. It would cost you much more than money if you try and fail by trying to get the rankings yourself.

Time-Saving Solutions – Utilizing services for your local search rankings saves you time. This frees you up to get to the overall operation of your business instead of dealing with promotions on your own.

Local Search Marketing is the best way to get your name known in the households in your local area. Give me a call on 07961 425 405 or contact me here if you want to reach the right people to increase your exposure to those in need of your products or services.