Google Places Listings

What if someone suddenly barge into your business and tells you that they can create a 30% increase in sales in 1 month? Will you take the offer? You may say ‘Yeah, right’. But what if it is true?

The business industry is currently facing financial crisis. But it is not something to whine about. There are too many small businesses that simply do not leverage the power of the Internet and with that they are losing thousands of sales and ten thousands of leads. Some may think of the Internet as a wide area of knowledge that is hard to tap. What they don’t know is that if they can promote their business with the right keywords and at the right websites, they will make a killing. And I mean that literally. In fact, the Internet can guarantee as much as 100% increase in sales especially for small businesses.

Don’t believe me? Then let me tell you how.

Google Places listings

You can do that with Google Places listings. A Google Place Page or Google+ Local Page is a website that lists businesses by categories in different locations. Each listing has short information about the business, its exact location along with a map and reviews from previous clients. Since people always choose providers based on proximity, this is a good website to get into. And the best part is that the listings appear on the front page of Google every time.

The key is just finding the right people to work with. You don’t have to do all these yourself. There are services that provide Google Places listing services that will guarantee a placement in the front page of Google for your business and location. So if you have a business about plumbing in Woolwich, you will be ranked for the keyword “plumbing in Woolwich London”. And with millions of people using Google local search daily, you can expect a generous amount of business from Google local listings.

So how do you get placed on the front page of Google? That’s simple. You just need to use our trusted Google Places listing service. However what you need to focus your attention on at this point, are the benefits a new Google Place Page would bring to your business.

* Online advertising is the way of the future, and it will soon replace paper phone directory listings that cost thousands of pounds per year.

* Your business listing appears on the first page of Google.

* You can offer discounts and coupons for one day, one week, or one month.

* Your website, physical mailing address, and your phone number are displayed in your listing, which allows customers to find you more quickly and to get the information they need.

* Mobile phone users can find your business listing immediately, and they don’t need a computer to do it.

* You will receive more traffic and new customers.

* Within four weeks, rather than four months or four years, your advertising with Google Places will bring you more targeted customers faster than traditional organic methods.

* Finally, and the most important to your financial goals, is that because it is so easy for customers to find your business listing, you will make more money than you did before your business was listed with Google Places.

Google Places listings

Just imagine the dozens of calls that will hit your telephone in a week’s time. Just imagine the hoards of clients that will pour into your business and use your product or service over and over again. You will literally earn back the money you spent on the Google Places listing service in a few months time.

So take action today.

Contact Local Online Marketing To Claim Google+ Local Pages.

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